Tomas Elorriaga of Banpro Consultores has demonstrated in a research the existence of complementarity among emotional competencies in innovation teams that achieve the best results for an organisation.

This demonstration and the methodology generated could allow for a 10-fold increase in the innovation capacity of Innovation teams, as it enables the team to effectively manage emotions, resulting in cognitive and behavioural synergies that lead to results in uncertainty.

Innovation teams commonly face very emotionally charged situations arising from the challenges, uncertainty, lack of references, lack of data…. that must be managed in team environments with a wide variety of knowledge, attitudes, values….

Knowing the positive and negative effects that emotional processes have on cognitive processes, and considering the key role played by knowledge in organisations, it was necessary to demonstrate empirically the importance of emotions in Innovation Teams.

The research is based on the relationship between the Belbin Team Roles and the socio-emotional competencies of several innovation teams made up of managers and professionals who have worked successfully through various innovation projects and in different organisations and sectors.

INNOVATION TEAM EMOTIONAL SYNERGY 4×4 is the methodology generated from the demonstration of the existence of synergy in 4 team dimensions, in 4 key relationships within the team, in 4 stages of innovation projects, through 4 global emotional competencies.

Some of the demonstrations obtained are:

1. Emotional complementarity. No one team role has all the emotional competencies; this provides evidence that emotional management is a co-responsibility of the entire team, in which absolutely all the roles are needed, not just the social ones.

2. Emotional competencies, not a global index of Emotional Intelligence (EI). It makes no sense to consider a global indicator of emotional competencies; rather, emotional synergies are created when specific emotional competencies are complemented which must be agreed upon by the team.

3. It has been demonstrated that in successful Innovation Teams, emotional competencies create 4 x 4 emotional synergies, highlighting the importance of emotion management in innovation teams and organisations.

The INNOVATION TEAM EMOTIONAL SYNERGY 4×4 methodology allows us to identify, predict and manage emotional synergies and to set out individual, team and organisation actions to create successful innovation dynamics in team environments that will achieve 3 goals:

• Excite Team members.
• Excite External Customers with high-value solutions.
• Excite the Organisation through results.

Successful Innovation Teams within reach of any organisation!!!

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